Cloud Storage for Business

Public cloud storage services attract attention of not only small and medium business, but also of large companies. Of course, such storages are under special requirements. The key factors of corporate class cloud storage do not only include the cost of the service, but also its reliability, security, controllability and administrative convenience, as well as access speed to the cloud data.

Such storage intends data placement on distributed servers. The data are reserved and stored on several servers in the protected DPC with high level of security and on several sites. For example, high reliability is achieved by the automated creation of several replicas of the data on separate independent servers. Reliability on the level Tier III means that SLA guarantees accessibility of 99.98% of time. Thus, cloud storage for business makes it possible to store your data reliably and not expensive, providing access independent on the location, and you can also easily scale your resources. Consequently, you cut your expenses for the creation and technical maintenance of the IT infrastructure as the service helps to increase the flexibility of the business processes.

There is no need to acquire your own DSS and other infrastructure equipment, bear expenses for its administration, update and security provision. Constant access to the cloud storage means that you can work with the data and files anytime and anywhere. Your staff can quicker get the required information, share data in case of joint activity and work with common documents. It is planned to cipher the data provided for storage, to setup the access rights, to register file operations, to monitor and protect against threats.

Nowadays, cloud storage services have little difference between each other: settable structure for files and folders, possibility to setup access and similar interface. However their internal architecture and offered possibilities are different. Such services are tolled according to the principle of actual use or according to the available storage volume.

What is the object cloud storage used for?

There are a lot of different scenarios for the use of this cloud storage. For example: archiving, file storage and joint work with them. The tasks can be absolutely different: main storage for cloud applications, big data storage, data repository for analytics and of course, it is convenient to use them for backup and functional disaster recovery.

For example, object storage can be used in the following scenarios: storage of backup copies, posting web-sites content and letters (photo, video, files to download), storage of video surveillance files, archives, storage and distribution of media content (video, music) as well as the storage for the records system, game content, big data and loT data. There is a wide range of devices providing access to the storage and data download.

Today’s popular service is cloud backup. Most of the backup systems can be connected to our cloud storage via S3 ARI. It is also possible to work with the built-in means of applications backup.

Another common task is hosting of the static web-site content. In general, such storage can be used for any data which are usually stored once and may be required in future, whether they are legal documents, medical records, digital assets, media files and other documents. For example, broadcasting and media companies require big storages for media materials.

Users and companies choose online storages because it is convenient, safe and efficient. They store their files in such clouds as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Dropbox depending on their demands. Though, Amazon is the leader in popularity, Azure and Dropbox are leaders in the growth speed.

Web Designing Tips That Makes Your Life Easier

Every web designer has some secrets which separate him from other good designers. Here we managed to make a list of some tips that are really useful in making the design better. With some professional know how you will discover some features in this blog. Whether you are a beginner or a professional you will learn a lot from this article. Let’s start.

Codekit for browsers
Codekit is a must if you are using a MAC system than. The reloading features of the browser are worth the small cost alone. The days of hard refreshing your browser to make different changes are long gone.

Global Changes
Apply the global changes is the healthy tip from a professional that can really help speed things up at the early stages of your design work. You can use the wildcard CSS rule that you can apply the changes globally to your page. While going through the designing process this is the great trick that you must have in your pocket. For sure this is not a great idea to leave this in your live code so use this trick carefully.

Bright Outlines
Whenever you are working with the media queries use bright outlines for them. This trick will enable you to see instantly what rules are applied and how they are looking.

Character Count
For safe and comfortable reading 45-75 characters are generally accepted. There’s a quick trick available to check the responsive and fluid design. Place a line of 45 characters and 75 characters on your page and make sure it resizes within these parameters.

Image size reduction
Highly optimized images sites are load faster and work better on different devices. You can use the reduced images for the better designs and loading rates of your website.

Exports Images
PNG image files are a good thing in designing your website. If you are exporting an image from Photoshop to PNG and it doesn’t need to be transparent try to export it as 8-bit PNG. Mostly it doesn’t affect the quality of your website but it will reduce the side massively.

Typography Palettes
An application “typecast” produced by the talented team at making the design typography riches sites a breeze. This will enable you to build and typographic palettes.

Find Color Inspiration
For a better design of your website, you must use the color combination in an effective way. Colors of your website are the real representation. According to survey color combination attracts more users towards your website.

User flow
User flow is the most critical part of web design. Your user must have an idea how’s your website is working and what is the purpose of your website should be clear to your users. The interface of your website should be easy and friendly so that your visitors stay for a longer time on your site. Your website will be in more focus by your users if your website design is attractive. Website design is also the factor for the heavy traffic on your website.

Involve your Client
Get your client involved with your website as early as possible throughout the design process. Always remember this “they know their business best” and the only way to develop the successful digital solution to combine your knowledge with the client knowledge.

Use different prototyping tools to get early designs in front of your clients as soon as possible. This could be a simple as well as a complex prototype as well. These prototypes will help you as well as your clients to know what your client actually wants from you and it will make your job easier.

Social Share and follow buttons
Producing the great content and offers are not the only things that your website requires. You must provide an opportunity for your users to share your content. If your website lacks social buttons you can miss a lot of traffic on your website that is generated from the people that are already reading your content. If this term is new to you, social sharing buttons are small buttons placed at the top or bottom of your content. These buttons actually work to increase the traffic on your website.
These are some key factors that you can use in your website design. If can’t design your website then you can hire any reputable web design company to build your website for you.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy Cable Glands

Today, cable glands come in different types and sizes. Therefore, it’s important that you do your homework and opt for the best type. However, before you go for one, we suggest that you consider a few important factors. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the factors that can help you make this choice more easily. Read on to find out more.

First of all, you need to choose the type of gland that is designed for the type of cable you have. For instance, if you have SWA armored cable, you need a specific gland-like BW brass cable gland.

Other Considerations

Another important consideration is to take into account the material used for making the cable. Also, you need to find out if the cable is braided or screen. Apart from this, you should find out about the cross-sectional size and construction of the unit.

You also need to consider the color requirement for the gland, especially if you love aesthetics.

Find out if there are any restrictions when it comes to the environment, electromagnetic interference or the installation space. In addition, you need to consider the location of the gland and the cable as well.

If your system is located in an area that is located near a source of water, we suggest that you opt for a gland that is water-resistant. The IP68 rating refers to units that are watertight and come with dust-proof seals. Similarly, units that are rated IP69K are water-resistant can work fine if immersed in water.

If you are looking for a gland for mechanical protection, you should go for the right unit.

If you need to use the unit in a dangerous area, such as an area where there are explosives, we suggest that you go for a unit that features a safe circuit like the HSK-K-EXE-Active.

If you need electrical grounding or earthing, make sure you opt for a good unit that comes with this feature.

Find out if there will any problems caused by the reaction between different types of metal.

If you have an armored cable, make sure you consider the inner bedding, the material and the armor short-circuit ratings.

Also, don’t forget to consider the housing or mating material that you are going to attach the gland to. This is important if you want to ensure that there are no compatibility issues between the units.

The size and depth of the thread of the gland should also be taken into account.

At times, you need stopper plugs in the gland in order to close unused cable entries. Therefore, you should find out if you need this type of stopper plug.

Long story short, if you are looking to buy cable glands, we suggest that you consider the factors given in this article. Apart from this, you may also want to get in touch with a technical expert. This will make it easier for you to opt for the best cable glands.

Why Do You Need Cable Glands For Your Electrical Equipment?

Basically, a cable gland is connected to the end of a good electrical cable, which is connected to a device. Usually, they are known by many other names, such as cable strain reliefs, cord grips, cable fittings, and cable enclosures, just to name a few. In this article, we are going to find out why you need to use these units for your devices, such as switchgear and other electrical equipment. Read on to find out more.

First of all, these glands are used to terminate wires in a dangerous area. For instance, this is an area where proper ingress protection is quite important. These cable glands carry a lot of importance for strain relief and making a connection to the cable armor and aluminum sheath.

Typically, cable glands are made from either metallic or non-metallic stuff or a combination of both. They are used in numerous industries where a combo of wiring and cable is required to operate automation systems and electrical instruments.

These are available for a variety of cable types and sizes. The main role of these units is to allow a safe passage for wires and cables via an enclosure. But they are required for protecting electrical components from flames as well.

The Purpose

These glands are an important part of a good electrical system. The primary role of these units is to make the cable attachments stronger. They offer protection against dust and twisting.

The good thing is that these glands are used for different types of applications, such as telecom cables, data, instruments, control and power. As a sealant and termination unit, they can help make sure that the enclosures can be maintained properly.

Why do you Need to go for Cable Glands?

Cable glands serve a lot of purposes as far as the protection of the equipment is concerned. They can help with strain relief, insulation, bonding, grounding and earthing. Apart from this, they can help seal cables that go through different gland plates and bulkheads. They also help prevent dust, dirt and fluid from entering the connector.

How do they Work?

Primarily, they serve as a sealing unit that offers protection for the enclosures on the equipment. In addition, they help seal the ingestion point and prevent foreign particles from causing damage to the cable and the system.

Also, environmental contaminants, such as water, fluid, and dirt may damage the cable joints. So, the role of cable glands is to prevent pulling and twisting of the cable.

Common Uses

These units offer earth continuity in a type of cable called armored cable. Also, if the cable gland features a metallic construction, it will make the cable withstand strong fault currents.

Also, it serves as a holding force to make sure there is enough resistance. It offers environmental protection by creating a seal on the outer sheath. This keeps dust and water from getting into the sealed area.

They can help seal parts of the installation where a high level of ingress protection is required. Also, they offer environmental protection at the entry point of the cable.

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